Communist decline Italy has a political earthquake. For the first time in its history, none of its 927 congressmen is Communist, Socialist or green. This was the power that was closer to having a Marxist revolution at the end of World War II and the only one in which a Communist Party came to exceed the one-third of the votes. The Italian Communists never wanted to come to power by armed means and were limited to be an eternal and loyal opposition within the system. They were gradually turning to dissolve in social democracy. Veltroni, who directed his newspaper, ended up as Mayor of Rome and unifier of a new social liberal party: Democrat. Those not renounced communism kept some weight but atomizaron in lathe to whether support or not and how the outgoing Prodi government. The pendulum Italian tacks to the right and Berlusconi will leverage this to wanting to do strong changes in his country’s political, economic and migratory system ending with many social concessions before Italy conceded to the Red pressure and of Association.

Delanoe, Veltroni and Livingstone they were, respectively, acaldes them Socialists that have had Paris, Rome and London on almost everything that goes in this Millennium. Delanoe was re-elected in March thanks to the decline of the right-wing President of Sarkozy, but Livingstone may lose the London elections on May 1 due to the discredit of the Labour Government. Veltroni left Roman Mayor to become the candidate of the new party more than Center that left founded in February. In the April 13-14 elections got 33% of the votes (against the 49.8% which was the triumphant Union that formed part in the 2006). Veltroni thought that distancing himself from all pose red and approaching the conservatism of Berlusconi it would favor him, but helped make the right-wing wave bigger.

Livingstone is now with Brown who is still moving away from the old Labour and copying the tories schemes. Such rotation discourages their former voters and is likely to help the Conservatives win to the Assembly of London (and perhaps even the Mayor’s Office). Padanes and cambas Padania is the name the separatists in the North of Italy called the new country that want to establish. In the April 13-14 elections with the Nordic League obtained 20% in Lombardy and 27% in Veneto. So they doubled their votes, but without reaching the high level they had in 1996. Unlike the pro-independence Catalan, Basque, Welsh, or Scottish League is anti European, conservative on economic and social and very hostile to immigrants from poor areas of their country and, especially, to the third world (proposing even to deport or detain in fields many of them). Today this has become the greatest ally of Berlusconi who will push more to the right. His preaching will inspire other autonomist movements that fight leftist Governments in South America (as in the Bolivian Crescent or in Zulia, Venezuela). Like the Nordic League many nationalists cambas pose to unite various regions of his country to go towards greater autonomy or secession, trim the internal immigration and promote a more monetarist economics.