Then he has the opportunity to spend some time to pour on your local computer video (even in good quality) and, then, quietly and carefully review. This is not streaming Internet video, but such an option for most of your potential customers will look very attractive, you can believe my experience! :)) New technologies require fresh software! Here I I want to say just about the technology of flash, which is realized by all the technology of streaming video. There are many users on the Internet are still standing or the old version of flash Player, or for some it somehow inexplicably absent in the browser. Naturally, if you propose to access your streaming video to a person who is not in the browser flash Player, something he did not see it. Next, if you integrate the video through the freshest ingredients to display streaming video, then this video will not be able to see those who are older versions of flash Player. But this shortcoming thank God there is a very simple solution: First, you can always offer person to immediately download and install yourself for free the latest version of flash Player. To this end, a place where you integrate in your site component video streaming should be given including warning text type: "If you now do not see anything in the box above, then means you have not installed the latest flash Player in the browser. Please install it now yourself by clicking here ", well and give a link to download the latest version of flash Player from a site .