You just put a transmitter or a camera at a distance of 3m from the child so that he could detect all the sounds and with its own monitor, you can move around the house or just put the receiver down beside her. Most baby monitors (baby monitors) runs on batteries. Some models allow your child to hear your voice, it will allow you, if necessary, to reassure him. But these helpers to the parents also have some drawbacks: Sometimes baby monitors and baby monitors can reproduce the noise due to the presence of wireless phones or other mobile devices. Also, baby monitors can pick up sound from the other baby. That's why sometimes you should not discuss personal matters when the baby monitor.

A word of warning: To avoid cases never hold water or other liquids near the baby monitors (baby monitors). What to consider when choosing baby monitors (baby monitors): Compact: The smaller model in order better (easier to carry around). Discharge of the battery indicator: If your receiver batteries run out you can not hear the baby crying, so choose a baby monitor (baby monitors) that will warn of low battery batteries. Light warning: When you watch tv or talk with someone, you can not hear and skip the faint sounds that publishes your child. But if the receiver has a light indication, then look at it, you'll be able to determine that the child wants your attention. Additional receiver: There are cases when one parent wants to have a separate receiver or a receiver is necessary to leave the room and the other to carry themselves.

Some baby monitors two-parent recipients, you can choose a baby monitor with two receivers parent if you wish. Connecting to TV: Some baby monitors are able to connecting to a tv. You can watch the screen as your child plays in his arena. Baby monitors stayut more popular because of the ability to visually monitor the child. Baby monitors with the ability to communicate There are models baby monitors that let you talk with your child, sing to him and generally to pass anything. Some parents use this function to calm the child going on the road to the nursery or to lull awaken the child. If the child is old enough to respond, you can talk to him. You can also draw attention to the cheap portable radios that can be used as baby monitors.