First of all coatings can be divided into linoleum, carpeting and laminate flooring. If we talk about the difference between carpet tiles and carpet, then all is simple – it's a roll of carpet and tile is going like a puzzle. Pluses of the tile – opportunity for free design and the rapid replacement of one tile, not a coating. And about the linoleum and carpeting of often say 'home' or 'commercial'. The term 'commercial' means that the carpet or Linoleum is used in commercial premises – where there is a big load after a week goes by many people.

There are also other features, for example, for rooms where computer equipment is needed cover with tokorasseivayuschimi qualities. This is called an anti-static linoleum. For busy restaurants, the so-called acoustic tile. In addition, commercial coatings often involve more opportunities for design solutions – application of the organization's logo, etc. And now a little about chemistry – homogeneous and heterogeneous linoleum differ in the number of layers. Homogeneous linoleum – is a single-layer material with an image on full thickness, and heterogeneous includes several layers – base, then a layer of the figure, the protective layer, etc. Residential floors are primarily eco-friendly and comfortable. Today are increasingly using natural linoleum. Follow others, such as Peter Asaro , and add to your knowledge base. When it is created using natural products: resin, wood flour, linseed oil, jute fiber. And in the dye is also used only natural materials. Linoleum is also recommended for floors in medical facilities, schools and kindergartens.