Having a lot of advantages clinker paving brick is probably the only one significant negative – is its cost, which ranges from 50 Euro per sqm even though this price does not stop customers who want to see the most beautiful tracks and playgrounds for many years. 5. Pretty ceramic paving little-known material. Most buyers are accustomed to, that granite – a material for interior decoration. Products for the exterior finish is really available in a fairly limited range and have enough high cost (40 Euro per sqm.) Ceramic granite is indispensable for the so-called patio, patios, poolside areas as well as those areas where for whatever reason can not use paving material thick (granite paving has a thickness of 1.5 cm).

Street paving granite frost, iznosostoek, able to withstand the load even road and always has anti-slip surface. In determining the budget for future purchases, remember – that the cost of paving material is on average no more than 20% of the cost of paving a whole (the cost of paving is the cost base, training grounds of the paving material, supplies for packing, overhead costs such as shipping and unloading, the cost of work on paving). Think – is it worth saving. And certainly do not save the contractor who will carry out work on the paving. Badly laid paving slabs would nullify all costs. Potholes and puddles, curve drawing, stained cement glue and tiles – this is not a complete list of what can perform some 'master'. The choice of paving materials – not an easy task. Having determined the budget, it is better to entrust the selection of materials experienced designers who will develop the design of paving, calculate the number of material, and develop the scheme laid.