Sea fishing north of Trondheim Our experts are convinced that there is the most extreme point for successful fishing in Norway, as everything below the map does not give the result that await our visitors. Here we catch lots of fish, cod in the past year, reaching 25-31 kg, a crab, but he other species, no less tasty, but smaller. A fish was approximately 50-70 kg fillet on each fisherman. Description And another thing: the halibut. Many travelers ask the same question, and halibut catch? Fishing for halibut in the Norwegian Fishing halibut in Norway is one of the most challenging sport fishing, which can run into a fisherman.

Halibut can reach a weight exceeding 100 kg, and even small samples weighing 30-40 kg will give you a fight that you will remember for life. Paltusovaya fishing in Norway is legendary, and in recent years, techniques for catching halibut is very developed. In 2008 -2009, the incredible number of very large fish were caught in northern Norway. A related site: Viacom mentions similar findings. Sometimes fishermen in a boat can be caught not one but several big fish, and this while fishing one day, something that seemed impossible a few years ago. This trend is most pronounced in the waters north of the Lofoten Islands and further north. In the past (from a story by local fishermen), their grandfathers were collected during low tide worms on them and catch halibut, it now appeared the modern metal fittings in combination with classical which only solutions are not used.

German fishermen come with one gear, Swedes, Norwegians with others. The most common mistake that fishermen, this is to use the same gear and methods of fishing for all types of marine fish, traditional baits constantly attracted the attention of the small fish: cod, pollock, and that reduces the effective time of fishing on halibut. Peak season of catching halibut spring and autumn. In summer, fish are scattered and more, therefore, find it difficult. Halibut can be caught almost everywhere. It can be found in the harbor, as well as on the high seas. However, there are some places that are most loved halibut, than most others. Best Places Fishing: Halibut are often found at depths of 26 to 165 ft, on the plateau and slopes around the reefs and rocky shores. Oddly enough you should not lose heart, even if not caught any other fish. This means that soon you will get the desired bite, and it will be the halibut.