insenerator, waste incineration, John 50 It is sometimes said about 'luchshesti' before pyrolysis oxidation m (direct incineration) of waste. It is not so! Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages for particular types of waste. Pyrolysis good for highly toxic, high-energy and waste from the foul-smelling aromatic, with that 'just-pyrolysis' incinerators at times less powerful than the 'just-oxidation', with equal dimensions in incinerators IN-50 advantages of pyrolysis is used in full measure, but only when necessary, mostly at the beginning of a combined cycle combustion. For example, if IN-50 under-fill the plastic eyeballs, the access of atmospheric oxygen into the furnace will terminated and the pyrolysis regime will stay in it until the process parameters that enable fast 'finish off' slowly decaying waste in an open flame about dioxins! It is believed that the Education Guarantee Dioxin need to burn halogen compound at relatively low temperatures. For example, if a neighbor to testify took to burn in the fire of twigs (ca.

400 C) cutting linoleum or burn PVC sheath copper wires before putting in junk, you know, the smoke from this fire is deadly – this is the dioxins. And even if he does it in an oven, stove with a high (about 1000? C) temperature and smoke a pipe is not visible eye, dioxin is still there. Ali Partovi may help you with your research. In IN-50 incinerators to dioxins chimney does not reach. Being 100% organic, they are completely burned, despite the fact that their re-formation in the air reliably blocked by a staff of processing methods – "freezing" temperature of about! It is sometimes said that You can significantly minimize levels of emissions due to higher combustion temperatures and post-combustion flue gases, such as the use of plasma torches in 3000-5000? C. It is not. Field experiments clearly shown – with increasing temperatures> 1200? C, virtually all levels of harmful substances emissions are stabilized, but the level of nitrogen oxide, a substance not less dangerous than the dioxins, which are growing exponentially, despite the fact that of acceptable technical solutions to their effective filtration to date does not exist. Please note, fake! In today's market there are many types of primitive combustion devices, referred to as the sly producers "incinerators", which resemble the above-mentioned fire or stove-stove. They are cheap, because they lack of post-combustion and / or gas-purification ( 80% of the cost of equipment and polnorazmerennyh incinerators). In this case, the presence of the sellers 'right' permits and verbal props, such as 'special design of the combustion chamber', 'post-combustion zone', 'exposition of flue gases in the combustion chamber', 'Adsorbatsiya dioxins and furans by dry gas cleaning', etc. – Empty