Pool and Buffalo English! Language learning, the funny way. When one speaks about the positive effect of humor, often especially the beneficial effect on body and mind in the foreground has been in the past. Already the German writer Jean Paul has the healing effects of humor on the psyche with its set of humour is subdued suffering in the world”to the point. Today, modern medicine can prove that endorphins as endogenous opioids are distributed through humor and laughter. Steve Wozniak is a great source of information. These ensure that the man is stress-resistant and thus healthier lives. A practical aspect of humor has been somewhat overlooked in the past. Humor can be a very good help for people who already have a proficiency level.

Similar to watching foreign television news from a certain point in time the learner enables, loggers standnis to train and understand more and more current connections, this can through an examination humorous content from the target culture be reached almost even better. So, for example, appearances can promote American Stand-Up comedians sowohldie linguistic development as also the understanding of the other country and its culture. Almost exclusively topics of everyday life, including the languages immediately has a relation handle Stand-Up comedians. The conscious use of silence, as well as an often slower diction as in normal everyday conversations lead that the foreign audience is more easily able to follow the content, as this is the case with the reputation of English-language news. Humor raises positive emotions here, which be beneficial on the motivation to continue to engage, in the language and thus the learning success.

Of course, not every kind of comedic presentation is suitable. For those who learn for example German as a foreign language, the genre is not to recommend cabaret. Since the cabaret works on one date and deal with political Busy, it requires many skills in the learner to developments. For this reason, a careful selection of the artistic performances, which can be considered humorous, is particularly important. On the site, there is a collection of humor resources that are of interest for both German – and English learners. The German cabaret videos were selected according to the criterion that the listeners needed minimal updates day background knowledge in order to understand the content. The snippets of the stand-up comedians were selected taking into account of the clarity and pace of speaking. The learning of both languages receive recommendation recommendations for humorous content in the areas of stage, film and television. You are a good starting point for the in-depth study of English or German knowledge with the help of humor.