Electronic Marketing Search Engine Marketing Electronico The search engine is the service of optimizing Web pages and position in Google, Yahoo and MSN with 100% organic techniques and complying with the requirements of each search engine. There are two ways to make an Electronic Marketing is SEO and the other is SEM SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can generate much more traffic than the SEM. This type of marketing can supplement other advertising and marketing program. When it comes to hiring a company for search engine optimization of your website. No doubt the search engines are the primary form of Internet search Web sites. According to a recent study of Internet marketing., The top of this ranking was occupied by Google, with 72.4% of the searches, five times more than the second, Yahoo, with 12.8%.

The SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or advertising on search engines and portals with high traffic. In this type of advertising program places ads on search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Altavista, Terra and others., The Pay Per Click system are the main worldwide. This payment system for traffic, or pay per click (PPC) to provide qualified traffic almost immediately into the pages of your Web site. You must optimize your investment in campaigns to Pay-Per-Click to obtain maximum performance in the first place, the definition of the keywords to be used, destination URLs, titles, descriptions, maximum costs for visits and definition of the budget . Secondly, the implementation and full implementation of the campaign, as well as monitoring, corrections and improvements as their evolution. Read more at