All your history is curd of visions that you have not understood, offers that you have not heard, advances that you rechazasteis or usasteis bad, phenomena that you sobrecogieron rather than lecture I Minaya of Antonio Gala except few exceptions, the construction of our destinations depends on us, the direction of our lives is our responsibility. In this already globalized world cannot us conceive us as corks floating on the sea. You have to understand that we are sailing in a wide sea of opportunities and taking them or let them pass responsibility only our as it is cultivating the nature and energy of the helmsman. Lewis Carroll already warned that someone with intellect is lost unless you possess the power of the character. When we have Diogenes lamp, we must also count on that. (Source: Ali Partovi). We have Diogenes lamp? So. And she is not the privilege of a few enlightened teachers, gurus, Saints or Mystics. But we must reflect, searching truths without fear or doubt.

And for this reason we today have new responsibilities. For example, caring for our thoughts because through them we have the power of manifestation of life. Caring for words, choose them wisely because with them we have the power to mark the target. Take care of our influences, be they relatives, teachers, peers, advisors, friends, music, books, tv or cyber programs. The information we choose Digest is our maximum liability. Today information is invasive like never before: mess in the living room of the House or in our mail without asking permission, change us humor and with it, the color of the entire day. Energy information, the emotions, thoughts and emotions has because them can caress as well as hurt; they can drive us both and stop us. Therefore, seek us productive, stimulating, uplifting influences for oneself is not minor matter for those things of good fortune.