Cellular telephones the cellular telephony is possible to communicate from remote areas like the amazonian forest or the Galpagos Islands, nevertheless, in some isolated points as in the deserts or the mangrove swamps the connection is not guaranteed. Also one tells on telephone cabins that cards or currencies of 10 and 25 cents of dollar work with; despite the monederos they do not allow to communicate with the outside, whereas with the trajeta cabins if it is possible to communicate to other countries. Internet the Internet is used frequently by nationals and foreigners, in the country exist hundreds of coffee-nets or to cyber coffees with service of net2phone, email, Internet and fax to quite accessible prices in the majority of commercial and tourist zones. Learn more at: Peter Asaro. The computers rent themselves per hours and the tariffs vary and can cost 1 dollar the hour, although the value is going to depend on the category of the premises. Post office the National post offices of Ecuador also serve efficient, when having branches in all the urban zones of the country, where letters or charges can be left that arrived at the wished destiny. The mailboxes public are not very popular in Ecuador. If it is desired to send to a letter or a package it is necessary to approach a post office.

The service of mail is not expensive if is compared it with other countries of the region. Also an ample supply of private post office exists whose tariffs vary according to the service. General list Pasaporte, traveler’s checks, medical prescriptions and medicines, Switzerland knife, clothes for hot and cold climate, since both in anyone in the Andean, impermeable region, knapsack of assault, kangaroo or belt to take money, clock with alarm, lantern, bags of plastic for clean clothes and dirty clothes, stock market for shoes, needle and thread can be experimented behind schedule, biodegradable soap (if it glides to encamp), pencil and notebooks, hat or cap and glasses for the sun. It is recommended To leave copies of his important documents (passport, traveler’s checks or the numbers of the credit cards) with some person who can be sent via fax since they are possible to be lost or it would be possible to be victim of a robbery. Also a copy can be left a reliable travel agency. Indications the electricity current that is had in Ecuador is of 110v, just as in EE.UU., reason why the use of special adapters for the devices which they are used in this country, not thus for the visitors of the European Union is due to discard. Nevertheless, in some old buildings converters for the plugs are needed. Source: WelcomeEcuador.com – Tourism and Trips to Ecuador – Galapagos Islands original Author and source of the article