An event, recent, marked me deeply, taking me to reflect it on the existing relation between the physical world and the spiritual, the complicity, interaction level. I was invited to know a community of the city of Barreirinhas (Taboca), in the Maranho, located approximately five hours of the Capital of the State. In a bus of rent, familiar and friends they had been organized and we leave, in the clocks of the cellular ones they were almost twenty and one hours. To sleep immediately afterwards, perceiving for I propagate where it did not run; suddenly the light coming of is propagates of it, made me to awake and I do not know why reason I found that we were going for the missed way, since that place never had IDO, pure intuition. Some mrmuros of people who were next to the driver, also, had contributed to increase mine doubt in relation to the passage of the excursion; we start to be uneasy, and little by little the passengers woke up and soon they whispered. After some time, the transport stopped and people had gone down. After few minutes (that for me they had been long as wires of hair of the night) the news arrived, in the interior of the bus, that the conductor would not continue the trip, a time that, did not have certainty of the way to follow. It remained to all the only option, we are sleeping in the place, seated in our armchairs, until the dawn of one day that promised to be of great emotions and dissabores. It made me to the fatigue to fall in a sleep heavy that not me it left to know the rising of Saturday. The sun already filled the spaces, making to shine the green of the foliages of trees and arvoredos; the gram was, still, orvalhada, I smell and it of weeds I propagate invaded it.