Monterrey, NL, Mexico .- If something fascinates Mexicans are the bad news: a Este year will be worse, but to see, follow … a The shrapnel of information on radio and television medium is constricted second report of the a fantasma of recession without giving further details. In the humble home of one of the 550 000 Monterrey, more than 10 percent-live in extreme poverty, or in the home of a retired, unemployed or over 40 years and still young this year are received and need to use the word recession drill consciousness. a En Wall Street stock market fell below the psychological barrier of 12 000 puntosa. Amen.

The humble mortals, almost 98 percent of Mexico's population do not know what the bag or as investing, and although we knew, we have no money to delve into the little game … such a huge stock market lottery. The concern of the average Mexican is to pay high utility bills, make for bad eating, caring for children and their school needs and go the past: a Well, the thing looks like it is … a The media people are not prepared to explain what they happens in the U.S. economy, how and why of the junk mortgage bonds and the reflection of these issues in world stock markets that are real madhouses because one day become depressed and the next day are ecstatic. Hence the importance of the media to report objectively and soberly explain that if the United States this year does not grow, nothing happens grave. That if the values of Mexican companies go down, do not panic: Carlos Slim is not going to leave their private planes to go by truck, that entrepreneurs in Monterrey will not live together in the luxurious dining rooms of large corporations. Moreover, they do not watch TV or listen to radio.

The course of action they see in their offices in real time via monitors that Bolsa Mexicana de Valores own them installed. Information mismanaged radio and television obfuscates a people that has no hope in the near future and which is prone to bad news a Pos to see … what can we do . Those who are in recession, in specialized information, are the means and not all because some admit their ignorance and simply do not have sections of economy, finance and business. Bearer … Those who do know are playing in the bag Natural Gas, CFE, Telmex, Water and Drainage and to come together: do not take the hand from the pocket of helpless citizens.