At this very moment there breathing in the world nearly ten thousand million. That is a respectable figure How many know? Now take into account also the previous generations since the beginning of human history. How many of them could mention? Or if you want, how many of them have even been recorded in the books? But the most interesting of this is finding a clarification for such omission. It was not because they lacked the talent to be relevant. In fact, right now there are perhaps hundreds of thousands if not millions of people with great potential.

They will die without passing into history. Solo will be remembered by people close that when I die they will take their memories to eternal silence. And you, of course, never know them. Life is clear, no matter how smart someone is, how capable, how talented, how brave. Does not represent anything mankind until the very moment you do something relevant. The greatest superman, if any, would be ignored. And it would be forever unless they act and do something recognizable.

Because there are no heroes without their exploits. Today prevailing confusion and many ignore that reality. Strongly want to stand out. And they try to do it, but best enjoyed preparing for the triumph to triumph. Some spend most of his life loving themselves, perfecting. Remain strong programs of study, training, hypnosis, therapies, diets … They do not want to know about them or anything outside of history or geography, or arts, or science. Maybe themselves remarkable achievement, which in itself is completely irrelevant, but nothing more. They are people trying to be a strong resemblance to the heroes and their exploits. And for the record that there are heroes of all kinds. Some are at work, at home, in the study, friendship love. But these people believe strongly that matter how you dress or what the character eats appreciate. And do not realize that it really is distinctive is what someone can do. I’m talking about one of the causes that truncates the bright future of many people. In many, perhaps like you, have great potential. Talent only yours do not help anyone and that is why it is irrelevant that you have. I’m talking about self-absorption, the kind that wastes the precious resource of time. It makes people want to stand out through narcissism. But there is no better than another narcissistic narcissistic. They spend all their effort in themselves as they read are written for personal growth. All that talk about how to achieve success. Unfortunately most of these texts only told they have to prepare. And intends to tell how. But these texts do not say that success is the son of the action. And not just any action but one that has a significant effect for others, not merely for them. nicamente this is how someone becomes genuinely important. It is when their activity, their behavior, their projects are relevant to several or many people. And it is not only for himself. Can be important to condition your ideas reach implemented. And with that, others may receive some benefit. In other words, transcendence does not come with spiritual perfection, physically or otherwise. The only true transcendence is achieved to be useful.