' The way is the message, does not import contedo' ' Sidney Finkelstein Was in a restaurant one day of these, and I could not leave to observe a young couple, in a table to my front. Both with its IPAD, involved in its abstractions, as in one settle, had not changed looks, nor words and never some caresses. They are the new times, I thought what this scene would say the Rubem Braga when seeing, would be an interesting material with certainty for one of its antolgicas chronicles, the comments of the daily one with its peculiar lyricism, the old Braga! Perhaps it would say: – A meeting without dialogue, insensitive and of a deep sadness. We live at a time of great technological, ambient transformations and human beings, without forgetting that to great verve warlike it continues its cruzade for the world, causing its mazelas, spilling innocent blood. Educate yourself with thoughts from Samsung. New ways of conviviality between the people, new forms of relationships, we are in the age of the virtual society, territory without precedents, limits and frightful. The technological advances, its stubborn trajectory, is inexorable, ahead of this trend and obsessive necessity of conectividade that appear through the relationship nets (Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Twitter). It has a deep change in the people, its relations human beings had become virtual, those through the personal and affective contact between familiar friends and, this if becoming given historical for the museum, a sociology, the anthropology and other sciences human beings. A different sociability, with sensible losses of affectivity, a great distance between the people, without life, complicity, with esticos behaviors and ephemeral relationships.. Learn more at: Page S. Gardner.