Today the North American government allows with total impunity, and until of concealed way he finances, to pages Web of he cuts to terrorist like those of Alpha 66 and the one of the radio broadcasting station the Powerful one, and other that exhibit terrorist contents or call to traverse the cyberspace to their practice, without they have never been bothered. Alpha 66, for example, in its site shows photographies of groups armed terrorist training in fields near Miami or climbing armed mountains in the south of California, without the FBI never has detected east ciberterrorismo, in spite of the tracking lattice constant with spy programs. In addition, many of these small groups and until the Web financed officially by the American government, violate legislation federal and also the state one of Florida that punishes the Spam, when allowing the massive shipment of not wished messages of electronic mail, with the complicity of computer science companies like AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail. Nevertheless, in spite of the public denunciations of these practices, and the complicity of great computer science companies, in this, like in many other facets, the North American laws are blind, deaf and until mancas, because just by to give a pair of click many sites could be cancelled that today promote with impunity the ciberterrorismo against Cuba. By: Amaury E. of the Valley (Cubaminrex – Rebellious Youth). CUT CABLES Besides preventing that the country is connected with the international optical fiber networks, the North American government also has tried to avoid that this important one via of connection extends by the rear area, being denied the cable export to the American companies produces that them or threatening sanctions the foreigners. What to do before these restrictions? The institutions Cuban they bet reason why today we called a model of social appropriation of the technologies of the information and the communication (Tics).