Direct mailing as erfolgsversprechene the letter shop advertising platform a personalized direct mail can meet the demands of marketing in moving markets today, lettershop pros pull out all stops their means and ways: creative ideas, flair and modern technology are used so that the varied advertising direct mail can effectively fulfill its mission as a Communicator between supply and demand. Concept and graphic design, address qualification and personalization through laser, Inkjetten or labelling, cutting and folding, postage optimization and inserting… a variety of steps must run perfectly, so that the direct mailing as a promising advertising platform can be effective. Important information for budget-conscious clients: the lettershop perfectionists have always the cost in mind, with low-cost solutions of course not at the expense of advertising effectiveness. Speaking of at the expense of advertising effectiveness: of course the advertising must be the transport route survive from the shop in the letter to the addressee – finally it should reach its addressee in exactly the freshly printed State in which it has left the lettershop.

Contracting Authority can be reassured on this point but also: the lettershop professionals ensure through the foil with the aid of modern Folierstrassen, that brochures, direct mail catalogs, customer magazines, short all mailings, can be placed by the recipient in perfect quality. The advertising to be delivered will therefore receive a durable protective polyethylene film, which protects the sensitive “internals” dog-eared – damage due to moisture, dirt or deformation – keyword. You can wrap up to eight different items with a transparent film on a production output of up to 250,000 shipments on a day of high-performance folier machines. In addition to the protection function, the foil offers further advantages: the additional envelope does not apply (cost savings!) or the Advertising message of the mailing immediately catches the eye thanks to pocket. Advertising from a size of 105 x 150 mm can be foiling a maximum product height by 6 cm.

The lettershop seasoned quality conscious use only high-quality films up to a maximum thickness of 50 my. And because sustainable development for environmentally conscious lettershop pros is not a foreign Word, also foils can be used on request of the customer, which have been produced on starch based. The additional “procedure” of the shrinking is recommended for advertising material from 600 g, E.g. catalogues: to stabilize a PVC sheath reduced by heat as a protective and supportive sleeve to the weighty advertising is placed. For the particularly impressive performance at the customers, lettershops allow printing colour matched foils, E.g. in metallic-look especially effective with help of specialized production. An extra request the contracting authority should necessarily meet with sense of spectacular advertising ideas! But put an end is by no means the special requests on the subject of foil: extra request number 2: additional parts such as CDs, coupons, loyalty cards, lots, or giveaways should be added to the mailing, which is made possible by gluing these products to the respective program. This process is called the letter Shop Pro “on donations”. Cold or hot glue can be used. To donate in the melt process are solvent-free hot-melt glue / liquid applied adhesives, which make the connection between the two components of the mailing when it cools. In one sentence: Lettershop specialists always convince their clients due to the favourable ratio of performance and price – this also applies to the foil of mailings, without ifs and buts!