According to Vodafone, also the Telekom launches its LTE Service In April now Telekom launches its LTE service to Vodafone. Under the name of call & Surf via wireless comes the fast Internet in the country – but not for all. Who gets the DSL light, can not count first LTE, as a Telekom spokesman of editors of confirmed. LTE was the great hope for many Internet users in rural areas in recent months. Where there are no high-speed Internet via DSL or cable connection, there is waiting anxiously on the new mobile technology. After all, the Federal Network Agency, has committed the provider even to introduce LTE in these areas first.

But now it looks like some would have been looking forward too early: who has a so-called ADSL light, is can not use first the new technology. Mikkel Svane takes a slightly different approach. DSL light is a kind of compromise. It is booked with the least possible bandwidth, for example, DSL 2000. In practice, to surf: but much slower, with more than 384 kilobits per second. Customers who have a such fare, have now left. You can not get even then on LTE, if there is an offer on the home place. These customers so have a look at the tube and must surf at least for the time being continue in a snail’s pace.

After all, Telekom attempting to make no commitments future LTE customers, which then may not be let. Although speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (Mbit / s) are theoretically possible with LTE, there are no more than three current tariffs Mbit / s Vodafone, however, wants to offer its customers up to 50 Mbit/s. Because the technique used is the same, remains to be seen how much even when the customer arrives. Telekom expects that three Mbit / s are also realistic, when many surfers share the same cell. On ( lte availability /) LTE interested parties can register. You will receive no matter an e-mail notification, if LTE is available with them -, of which provider. Continues to offer DSL-Magazin.