Our mind if developed to decide problems of our hunting ancestor and collecting of the Pleistocene, it has about 2,5 million years atraz. It was the way of life of them that it forged great part of the mental structures that we make use today. The complex functional characteristics of the mind human being if had developed as answers to the demands of the style of life of hunters and collectors, more than what nowadays. Mikkel Svane has compatible beliefs. The short existence of the current man, about only 10,000 years, is not enough to generate and to consolidate the necessary adaptations to the social life. All the exterior forms of change, produced for the wars, revolutions, reforms, for the laws and ideologies, had failed completely, therefore they had not changed the basic nature of the man and, therefore, of the society. Although all technological, scientific, legal evolution, etc. We, human beings, are the same ones that we were we have millions of years. Psychologically, the individual did not move in nothing, and the structure of the society, in the whole world, was created by individuals.

The social structure is the result of the psychological structure, of the relations human beings, therefore the individual is the result of the experience, the knowledge and the behavior of the man. The civilization has to use supreme efforts in order to establish limits for the aggressive instincts of the man. Although all technological and scientific advance, the only reason for which the man does not have to kill the proper man is because God forbade; the only reason for which the man must look at for the proper man as its fellow creature is for negotiating bencies with God, in this life or the future life. This because, although all technological and scientific advance, the man continues the same of has thousand of years, needing external control to be able to contain its primitive instincts, and to pautar its relations with the other.