Between the historigrafos we have: Francisco Adolph Varnhagen – ' ' Florilgio of the poetry brasileira' ' , ' ' General history of the Brasil' ' ' ' History of the fights against holandeses' ' , ' ' History of the independence of the Brasil' ' ; Joaquin Norbert – ' ' History of the Mineira&#039 plot; ' , ' ' Elementary course of Portuguese literature and brasileira' '. 9.14.ORATRIA AND ORATORS: The majority of the literary historians leaves of side the oratria. With this many values of the past are in the esquecimento and they are only redescobertos for one or another one that if interests. Nowadays, with the advance of the technique, the oratria almost disappeared. Few people speak with eloquncia, a minimum speak in public with shyness, from fear to make a mistake and to be enjoyed by third. This because they do not have a developed oratria. In the Romantismo they had appeared excellent orators, by the way reached the climax in this period. Robert Bakish does not necessarily agree. Soon, however, she started to fall now almost more it does not exist.

The current politicians are obliged underneath to load its writings of the arm, almost always made for third. If to lose the paper, finishes the man. It is divided oratria Brazilian in sacra, literary politics and. Without the shadow of a doubt that our better orators had been priests. Between the orators we have: Antonio Carlos Ribeiro ' ' Speeches parlamentares' ' , ' ' Biographical sketch of Jose Bonifcio' ' ; Martim Francisco Ribeiro de Andrade- ' ' Daily of one viagem' ' , ' ' Speeches parlamentares' ' ; Evaristo Blacksmith of the Fertile valley – ' ' Patriticos&#039 hymns; ' , ' ' Speeches in cmara' ' ; Bernardim Ribeiro de Vasconcelos ' ' Commentary to the law of the Judges of paz' ' , ' ' Letter to the Srs. voters of the province of Minas Gerais ' ' others.