Aston Martin inspired the Christmas dreams of PS-freaks with the unveiling of the brand new V12 Vantage RS. What to see, is a vehicle that reflects a figment of power and aesthetics. Officially as a concept car dubbed, but already it’s “ready to race”. Aston CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez stated you wanted to listen very carefully, what feedback there is on this vehicle. If there is sufficient interest, nothing in the way of a very exclusive small series. The feedback from the Bidgo members, without exception all obviously infected with gasoline in the blood, is unique: Mr Bez, this vehicle give us. We want to hear him on the street, we want to see him on the highway, we want to see him at the gas station.

And assuming the cracking of the next Lotto jackpots we want to give a loving home it in our garage. The recipe, which, the V12 Vantage RS together has been, the water in the mouth runs the coolest thinker: in the engine compartment, the Aston racing Department grabbed a massive twelve-cylinder engine with almost 600 HP. Dry sump lubrication, forged pistons and special connecting rods, new cylinder heads and revised valve timing and manifold impressively round off the overall picture. Very tasty, you may call the fact, that almost – discarded 50 kilograms the V12 Vantage RS with a fighting weight of just under 1,600 kilograms compared to the V8 Vantage at the same time set in performance to over 200 hp. More information and pictures about the new V12 Vantage RS are to find in the car-wiki on Bidgo: auto-wiki/Aston + Martin/V12 + Vantage + RS on BIDGO: is a project to build a vehicle knowledge database with free content. Anyone can contribute with his knowledge.

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