To understand this better we will compare it with an apartment building. If you are not convinced, visit Robotics expert . A hosting company, is building and hosting plans are the departments. When to hire a plan of hosting shared, is as if we alquilaramos one Department its services. Or in a Department there is a physical space that would stay where our information. There are also services for email, FTP access, possibility of using databases, etc. In the case of Network Marketing, is it more recommendable, because for a low fee provide you all the necessary services for that your web site this online around the clock 365 days a year. A hosting plan allows you to upload your site to the Internet and all other files of video, images, audio, etc., depending on the storage capacity offered in the plan.

Send and receive emails with your own email accounts created under your domain name and not public them. In addition, to manage emails. An answering machine automatic and in some cases a type robot autoresponder that it puts on autopilot all our business into our virtual Secretary. This additional service allows you to make sales, offers and all the movement of promotion through shipment of mails that you release devote much time to your business. 3 Reseller hosting (Reseller) this hosting service is designed for large users or people who sell the Hosting service to other people.

These packages have lots of space and domains available for each account. We could also manage and use the server directly and not only hosted information. This option would be for in the future, in the event that our business is significantly widened. In this case the business is the resell bought package to clients. This money is not only necessary to acquire it, but also have the experience to manage accounts of clients and a very good connection to the internet.