Although the use of seat belts in automobiles is mandatory and failure to do so in face administrative punishment, apply to only about twenty percent of the drivers. The comparable figure for Motorcyclist associated with helmets, is about forty percent. It is worth remembering that the primary factor in traffic safety is the ability of man to drive a vehicle to the rules traffic. In addition, use protective clothing, a section of which can be attributed not only helmets and shields, high boots, long jacket. Energy Capital Partners wanted to know more. The helmet for the rider is the most important part of protecting, as the largest and most dangerous injuries occur in the head. There are two ways in which people are protected. First, the outer portion assumes an initial shock, damping it. Click iSearch to learn more.

The inner layer is protects against the main body of attack, destroying it. Therefore, you should use a helmet that has been in an accident. How to choose shlem.Avtosport, cars When choosing a helmet is necessary to consider the following: 1. of What made the outer layer. 2.

energy-absorbing layer. 3. convenient layer made of foam or fabric 4. fastening system.