The considered benefits include a qualified learning and pupils much more usable not had intrinsic motivation. The final result will be so positive students whom attitude in relation to the reading and proper it has as reading that they will continue to read much later of finished the education formal. ' ' The act to read if in such a way relates something written how much to other types of expression to make it human being, characterizing itself also as historical event and establishing an equally historical relation between the reader and what he is lido' '. (Martins, 2005, P. 30). How the professors can apply these conditions of learning to help to promote the habit of the reading? Some examples will be cited and to point out strategies that promote the conditions important that they will stimulate the students to read for the fact to value the reading. Learn more at: Pete Cashmore. The conditions of Cambourne supply, therefore, the structure of orientation to plan, to organize and to apr5esentar strategy. The forms you add to transfer these conditions certainly exist, and we stimulate the readers to use its experiences stops to perfect and to expand the idea that we present.

Immersion Envolvement Demonstration Expectations Responsibility Use the envolvement probability increases Approach if these conditions tam- welfare gifts ideal Reply of form. Immersion a classroom centered in the alfabetizao supplies the base to involve the student in the reading, with ample variety of materials printed matters, the pupils will have the chance to interact with this material, reading it in silence and will be ' ' mergulhados' ' in the way where and they wait that they learn (Cambourne, 1991, P. 17). Demonstration the professors need to encourage the parents to read daily for its children, of all the ages, and to applaud those make that it. If initiated in a precocious age, the book reading and quarrel in the daily one of the family promote positive attitudes in relation to the reading and improve the pertaining to school performance.