Become a writer difficult. To do this, you just have to build your site, run it to orbit the Internet and try to unwind, to raise the TCI (thematic index of citing.) As the saying goes, if you need make, you will look for the fifth corner. In principle, everyone can write. The main thing that was not boring. The reader should be intrigued, so he was able to finish reading what you write, at least to the middle. Even if you are a complete nonsense, it is necessary try to write correctly, observing the rules of spelling. Illiteracy is annoying.

You can write on any subject, since at least bit of knowledge you have no doubt there. And that's enough. Stringing on the thread of the narrative word for word, but you might have a decent necklace. Maybe nobody will be wearing, but who cares? You – a writer, write about anything can and what you want. Can you just reassure your creation is unlikely to be anyone to read, as however, and mine. Not the main thing. The main thing is that you can go to '' at any time convenient to you and to make sure that your masterpieces there.

Is not that great is the meaning of the Martyrs of the computer keyboard – see their writings published? What a thrill and delight his own cause, these written articles which adrenaline is released into the blood after each reading them! Gogol, Pushkin, Chekhov and others rest. Personally, I'm on my articles are thrilled. I would like to get to the top of authors or articles, but I like the fact that there is. 'I'm a writer! " – With undisguised pride and a sense of joy I cry all over the world the Internet. I do not care what Worldwide Internet for me to spit too, only deeper. I can not adjust to the audience. I just write what I want, what I see fit. Do not do stupid rewrite, write their own, and perhaps someone of you lucky enough to get you in top, become famous in the narrow circles of writers optimizers. Do not forget that the main thing in this case – is a process. Write as breathing, and you will succeed a must! What do I need? As I mentioned above – are very little. Just a computer and keyboard, and even a bit of free time. The rest happened by itself. Do not hesitate to sit down to write right now, if you're lucky enough to finish reading my article to the end. Have fun with this futile, but such a right for us actually!