And the main reason for this sad state of affairs is a strategic direction for the development of fundamental physics, which was defined by Einstein and by the majority of the scientific community. And this majority Einstein's theory of love. Like its extravagance (time dilation, proper time of the object) Like its paradoxes (twin paradox, the paradox of wave-particle). Like even that defies common sense. Like because it has most of the opportunity to experience themselves as members of the intellectual elite club: only they – wise – is given to see the 'emperor's new clothes'. Mere mortals, of course, can not understand, how can bend and slow down what does not exist in objective reality as an independent entity.

Can not understand that if increased longevity of mesons can be explained time dilation in the rest frame of mesons, why should a catastrophic reduction in life expectancy Russians today can not explain the acceleration of time in Russia's own frame of reference. But no, even deadly accurate and logical, the argument can not convince the majority. Click Ali Partovi for additional related pages. Because no one ever from club of high intellectuals willingly move to the club with the opposite title. So the only hope for young people, referring to which, in the spirit of Kozma Prutkov want to say: Behold the root, that is the definition of concepts, and you clearly see "the nakedness of the king '. In conclusion, I would still say that science does not develop the majority. Science develops householder, which are aimed not at poddakivanie superiors, not on your own welfare, not on grades. They are committed to the truth.

In fundamental physics, they are. And by developing their hypotheses to explain much of the fact that no official can explain the physics, complaining that they can not explain all secrets of the microworld, they understand the main thing: no matter what difficulties may expect fundamental physics in the way of recognition of the existence of the ether formed unknown to us until the material particles, this fact, however, we obligation to accept, because no other way of development of physics in the framework of dialectical materialism, there is simply no, and in principle can not be. Others 'wise men', trying to solve the problem of the Einstein-Zeno, claim that the definition of concepts – not the main task is to discover the main essence of the phenomenon. This opinion is born misunderstanding of the term 'definition of concepts', which just involves not only the disclosure of nature of the phenomenon, but also the creation logical terminology, is described by which this entity. Without the creation of logical and terminological apparatus disclosed researcher essence of the phenomenon will remain the property of only researcher, and will not be able to become a well known fact of social consciousness. References 1. Brusin LD, SD Brusin Einstein illusion and reality of Newton. Moscow, 1993. 2. Krasnoyar Inventor and Innovator V., 7, 1990. 3. AV Rykov 4. Oleg Repchenko Field Physics 5. Samat Kadyrov Universal Physical Theory of the unified field