\”Ecologically and economically compelling cooling systems are more in demand than ever before was the solution: air conditioning\” of course classic operated with a lot of power from the wall outlet. Today, there are far more intelligent, environmentally sound and cost-reducing alternatives. Because the energy donor number 1 of our planet can be used also for cooling purposes: the Sun. And other renewable energy sources can contribute, to assume cooling load energy saving and economical. How that technically works, how the market opportunities of these technologies present and what benefits can drag users from this, which shows 2. \”International Symposium solar and renewable cooling\”, which occurs on February 26, 2010 in the fair of CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2010 in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre.

The concept is tempting: when the temperatures are high, cold is generated. Not with energy-intensive traditional air-conditioning systems, due to their critical CO2 balance in the Got criticism, but with the help of the Sun. Sunlight and solar heat can produce provided the appropriate technology, economically and environmentally friendly refrigerant. The demand for facilities that pleasant temper building basically in the warm months, and particularly in the hot midday hours, is continuously. That in more and more areas plants are the heat and heat up the room air contributes to the one. On the other hand, climate change also plays a role. Air cooling is an issue not only in the hot South, but is becoming increasingly important in Central Europe. To know more about this subject visit CEO Of CoStar Group.

For responsible planners and builders it is self-evident here, today on a clean\”, make sure say CO2 neutral generation of cold. As this awareness grows worldwide, the market for ecologically correct produced cold is enormous. The International Energy Agency expects that the demand for air conditioners in Europe by more than ten percent will grow until the year 2020. The policy has the relevance of this topic recognizes and promotes solar cooling from a collector area of 40 square meters, with grants of 30% of the investment costs in Germany via the KfW bank.