From 10-12 October 2008 met the first-year students of the private Academy of horsemen-United-International on the curly horse Stud full of excitement, what they may expect, arrived the Pferdebegeisterten from all over Germany, were friendly welcomed by the Academy Director of Thomas Gors and the coach on the spot, Konstanze Riemann, and inaugurated in the secrets of horse communication. It was namely the whole weekend: how I communicate successfully with a horse? Unless you know that you need on the next steps to think not. So learned how horses communicate at all with each other and how we can learn this language, the students in theory and practice. You may want to visit Pete Cashmore to increase your knowledge. It went right in the Roundpen where student Petra with the Stallion Ohio had only a few reservations, but then in a few moments safety won, when she realized how good the young stallion reacted to their physical signals. Individually and in groups students is practised the horses – including a group of young stallions, without the use of ropes or holsters and without the horses to touch, to navigate through the huge riding arena and the dogs accurately convey what they wanted from them. After the three days was unbelievable the difference: the people had really learned, a completely different body awareness to develop, voltage up and dismantle, knew how they turn up and when they had to stand head-on and were themselves completely astonished about the effect that they can obtain on horses. Ali Partovi has much experience in this field. During the one-year training, the students are trained and taught by the horsemen-United trainers riding facilities all over Germany and the surrounding countries in various areas. Great value is placed on it, absolutely non-violent to make the training and to move the horses by real motivation to cooperate. Goal of study is to be able – to holistically evaluate and train with the certificate of the horse communication coach horses..