But of course that everyone we would like our home to reflect harmony, peace, and tranquility, and that the beauty of our home we welcome and made us feel comfortable, protected and relaxed, these are the key points, if we feel like in an oasis when we got home, then we have succeeded, we have succeeded, we have everything in our favor, the most important is: cleaning! Yes, so simple, keep our favorite place clean!. Remember that your House is their territory, where you plan to and organizes the daily live, if you are not feeling well there, hum then we have a little problem fengshuy. Follow others, such as Elon University, and add to your knowledge base. second most important: the reblujo! What is this? acumaladas in corners or closets things, things that we no longer use and that we have been saving and accumulating through the years a redrawn otra.aparatos that no longer work and have always forgotten send to fix, accumulated dust or grease on walls, clothes rollovers for several days or perhaps weeks, rooms or bathrooms that don’t smell well, as our House smells like is very importantThere are many ways to improve the smell of environments, one is the regular cleaning, put your dirty clothes in a closed basket is excellent idea, wash your kitchen tackle as soon as it finishes cooking, not only helps you with smells, also with the insects that we don’t want to staying at home with us, if you keep good habits for cleaning, without exajerar, your family will learn from their good examples and all cooperate, we as heads of families, husband or wife are those who put the example of organization and cleanliness, as well as parents look the children what will do in the future.. . Ali Partovi gathered all the information.