There is a condition that makes life miserable spouses. For more information on this subject can be found at Psychology of family relationships – PRO. When one spouse thinks it is possible betrayal by another, then there is a painful condition. One is afraid of losing another. If these suspicions exist long enough, it leads to loss of peace of mind at home or even to its disintegration. When jealous of myself, it's in our understanding of the bad, and when the jealous other, we like it. This suggests that the other person loves us. If jealous, so he loves.

There is a conventional division of the types of jealousy: If a person and a calculating despot, his jealousy could be called tyrannical. If a person is weak, uncertain and zakompleksovany, his jealousy turns into an inferiority complex. Their jealousy is softer than that of the despots, but in any If jealousy, if it occurs constantly, it becomes unbearable for the partner. However, there is an aspect of human psychology which says – PRO: If a person is jealous, then he himself is not perfect, therefore, suggests quite the same behavior and the partner. He is jealous because, she knows that you can change and hide it.

Does jealousy about love? It is unlikely, because the love – the desire to give, whereas jealousy – is a desire enjoy yourself, you have to take. Is inherent in every person, so to speak, his own force of jealousy, it depends on what features are inherent to the psychophysical or another person. If you can not cope with jealousy, then you doom yourself to hell. The constant fear and anxiety can poison the life of everybody. Prolonged psychological distress leads to stress, and it necessarily will affect relations with other people. How can overcome jealousy? It is sometimes difficult, but possible. Explain with his second half and arrange all the points on i. The bitter truth is better than self-deception. If, however, the spouse you change what is – then up to you, forgive him treason or not. The choice is yours, but you must remember that living together is better than living alone. Still, you can help a council that gives General Psychology – PRO: switch the mind to another, such as books, movies, computer game, and it will be easier.