There comes a time when doubts are over. Already chosen configuration, you know where to order, and you finally become a proud owner of this miracle of the twentieth century – the computer. Now it's small – to get started. What we doing, enjoying the moment before the computer starts to act up. copyrighted material the site of the city of Ashdod first wish – to call the place where he bought and say: 'Your computer is not working. " However, those who are better versed in computers, know that there may be three reasons: – errors in operation – problems in programs – failure to 'iron'. How to guess which one you visited? Do I need to call the doctor? Or just press a button? And if you press, would not it be worse? Problems newbies and their questions led me to create a practical course 'Master Computer', which in the summer of 2000 is held in the computer center Teleor. Its been many ashdodtsy.

And, it seems, was not dissatisfied. To the extent possible, with a small part of this course, I'll introduce you, dear reader. So. Course owner of the computer we all used to looking at the computer, as some 'clever' device with a remarkable memory, extreme accuracy, almost with a mind … In fact, the computer – it's just 'computer'.

And all his 'mind' is a high-quality programs made by man. Principles Modern computer formulated in 1945 the American scientist John von Neumann. According to these principles as part of the computer must be: – ALU (arithmetic logic unit) to perform calculations – OP (RAM) for storing programs, input data and calculation results – UVV (input-output) for input and output the results of calculations – CU (control unit) to control operation of all components. That's all. Moreover, the ALU and CU now combined into one device, called a CPU (central processing unit) or just the processor. So the scheme of any computer can be represented as three cubes interconnected by a multi-bus. As a rule, consists of a modern computer system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse and audio speakers. All the basic filling is enclosed in system unit. This is where the processor CPU (in English CPU), which is a chip that we call CELERON, DURON, PENTIUM-4 or ATLON XP, DU CORE, etc. It also installed RAM OP (in English – RAM), which represents a small easily removable modules on the circuit, we all know SDRAM, DDR, DDR-2, DDR-3 (256 megabytes, 512 megabytes, 1 gigabyte 2gigabayta). And the processor and memory installed on the system board (in English – Motherboard). Here, on the system board, is available with bus connections for a wide range of input-output UVV (in English – INPUT / OUTPUT). This class of devices – the largest and very interesting. About him speak the next time any copyrighted material Site of the city of Ashdod