THOUGHT OF the DAY OF the POET (09/11/2010) Ol, prezados friends, has all an excellent tuesday, repleta of victories. The reflection of this day is gorgeous and speaks on WORK. With vocs certainty they will like and absorb its content. The FORMIGUINHA AND the BUZZER Age a time, one formiguinha and a buzzer many friends. Continue to learn more with: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. During all the autumn, formiguinha worked without stopping, storing food for the period of winter. It did not use to advantage nothing of the sun, the soft breeze of the end of the afternoon and nor the chat with the friends to the end of the work taking a cooling one frozen or similar thing. Its name was ' ' Trabalho' ' , and its last name was ' ' Sempre' '.

Meanwhile, the buzzer alone wanted to know to sing in the wheels of friends and the bars of the city; it did not waste nor one minute if it wants. It sang all during the autumn, it danced, it used to advantage the sun, it tanned pra to be valid without if worrying about the winter that was for coming. Then, passed some days, it started to cool. It was the winter that was starting. Formiguinha, exausta of in such a way working, entered for its singela and aconchegante touch, repleta of food. describes an additional similar source.

But somebody called for its name, of the side of is of the burrow. When it opened the door to see who age, was surprise with what it saw. Its friend buzzer was inside of a yellow Ferrari with aconchegante vison coat. the buzzer said for formiguinha: – Ol, friend, I go to pass the winter in Paris. – It will be that you could take care of of my burrow? – And formiguinha answered: – Clearly, without problems! – But what it happened to it? – How you obtained money to go to Paris and to buy this Ferrari? the buzzer answered: You imagine who I was singing in a bar last week and a producer liked my voice.