NEW heroes take it from immediately marketing the compute and memory geniuses Kiel, 15.3.11: everything is one of the marketing and PR specialists full service advertising agency new heroes take it from immediately the marketing of computer genius Rudiger Gamm. The Welzheimer 39 years old, internationally famous for his unique memory and computing power, it opts for the high-speed communications specific to new heroes and is advertised with comprehensive marketing and promotional activities.? What most normal”teasers equipped people seemingly incomprehensible is Rudiger Gamm the elixir of life. Gamm itself stressed that besides talent especially very hard training is required dig to allow such memory excellence. We therefore see in Rudiger Gamm not only the perfect brand Ambassador, but also a motivator for young and old, to achieve extraordinary order personal performance and commitment”, as Andree Nordhaus, Creative Director and Managing Director of new heroes advertising agency. Rudiger Gamm, who as students excelled especially in mathematical disciplines as five candidate, was 2007 in Isny on a new unofficial world record: the audience called two (any) digits, 9 and 8 calculated the hundredth power of the number 98 Gamm then correctly. Today Rudiger Gamm expects powers far beyond Gogol (10 high 200). He lives together with his life companion in Welzheim in Baden-Wurttemberg, works as a mental coach for the free economy and supports top athletes such as from the Bundesliga. “Gamm published as book author last in this year published by Heyne-Verlag his newest book: the brain training fitness for memory, logic and creativity.”