It could be so easy to protect data “if every computer user as much caution would infirm like the German national team, which had booked their flight back in time before the game against Ghana even though it knew that the probability of occurrence of needs was quite small” Gerhard Kron answers us by Crown-soft “and would encrypt data while traveling on the notebook or the USB-stick”, the loss or theft of the hardware would be only half as bad”. Annually ten thousand notebooks would be left alone in the Deutsche Bahn and then migrate into foreign hands in the Aservatenkammer and from there in the public auction, Kron continues – what is happening with the data, could imagine anyone even. “For responsible-minded computer users we have just one on but good encryption software provided (cryptMax) free of charge, with the data on the computer and on the stick can be encrypted” Kron shows a possible problem solution on. Encrypting a folder on the hard disk or a USB-stick – and would cryptMax on the USB-stick could – be installed only a few seconds or a few minutes take, would provide an excellent protection but the expensive data, told Kron. “Look,” explains Gerhard Kron us the application by CrytMax “I have on my USB stick only two folders. “Once the cryptMax folder with the program itself, which I start directly on the USB-stick and secondly have a folder > data < in the I will introduce into the respective data and encrypt directly on the USB-stick”.

“You should make sure only the data maximum 1/3 of the free memory size”, Kron pushes up yet. We think this is easy, although with some difficulty, but it don’t cost nothing and in addition it is responsible – conclusion: the inner Schweinehund overcome and encrypt on travel the important data.