brandamazing: brand consulting records human sustainable brands from Dusseldorf, November 23, 2011 – who have unique and exemplary profiled, who also very up-to-date and for all traceable makes a significant contribution, better off a piece of the company, (and) qualified brands Awards 2011 branding for the best human human and brandamazing: give the awards under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Simon Chairman of Simon-Kucher & partners, Bonn, for the first time on the evening of 23 November 2011 in the context of the festive award dinners with brand-strong programme of outstanding brand personalities 2011: guest in Dusseldorf are the best Andrea Petkovic, Mario Adorf, Ina Muller, and Ernst Prost human brands 2011. The best human brands awards are the true human brands of out of everyday life. Award-initiator and human branding inventor Jon Christoph Berndt, Managing Director of brandamazing: brand consulting, Munich: the all praise human fire characterizes their profiled appearance and Effect, particularly because of the exposed role of the wearer in the society. >Jacobs Dallas spoke with conviction.

This role is a serving role: the person is aware of their role. They invested their privileged position that others participate to leave and to benefit from.” The categories and winners in 2011, live, and strong brands in Dusseldorf: Andrea Petkovic, tennis world ranking 10th best human fire newcomer Ina Muller, ARD TV Hostess, as best female human fire Ernst Prost, Liqui moly site Germany safer than best male human fire Mario Adorf, human brand No. 1, as the best human fire LifeWork. The jury from different areas of professional and private discussion with eminent personalities will decide on the basis of qualitative procedures. The evaluation and award are the criteria that make up a strong personality in the foreground. To capture these and similar to make, the jury in a transparent procedure based on clear criteria and point awards. Instrumental above all is that the all praise human explicitly noticed fire in the year of the award ceremony in the sense, that she have has profiled the reason and its effects specifically to nominate outstanding and exemplary and clearly understandable to the public. Patron Prof.

Hermann Simon: Strong personality brands are as important as the brand strong businesses and organizations: there are those who go ahead. Some of them give special stop us doing in shifty time. They encourage and us are true role models. Who is so dedicated to the truly important tasks in our society and so substantially as sustainably solve them, deserves an award. In this sense I am, as a patron for the best 2011 to human are brands awards .” At the evening award reception we initiate breeding on the winners with the world-famous Geheimrat J.