No matter how you say that true beauty lies within, appealing from the outside want to be everything. With the advances of modern medicine to become an aesthetic beauty is not easy, and very easy! The middle zone face, responsible for a smile, in many ways forms the overall impression of the exterior – bringing order to this area can be guaranteed to be younger and more beautiful. How to do it, says MD, professor, plastic and maxillofacial surgeon Renat Rashitovich Akhmerov. Do not hide a smile! A beautiful smile is composed of several anatomical components, and first of all it’s teeth. You may find that Nicolas Keller can contribute to your knowledge. That they should not have to hide, teeth should be smooth and light. And if Dentists-Orthodontists long ago learned how to straighten them with braces, the whitening has long been a questionable method because of the possibility of thinning the enamel after the procedure.

Fortunately, no need to choose between health and beauty – modern techniques of professional cleaning and whitening can not only make your teeth brighter, but also to strengthen the enamel. Spoils the portrait absence of at least one tooth. Beauty, like nature, abhors a vacuum, so the imperative to prosthetic and better – to put an implant. This technology can not grind the adjacent teeth and restore the tooth with a maximum number of aesthetic result. The new tooth will be no different from their natural counterparts.

Smile! Otherwise, people will consider you a special, does not inspire confidence. According to psychologists, if someone covers his mouth with his hand – so he deceive the person or withholding from him something important. And vice versa – an open and sincere smile doubles appeal. Angelina’s lips, “I want lips like Angelina Jolie!” – Such an order at least once every doctor hears, making contour plastic. Now, imagine that we have seen in the streets, if the doctors do their patients’ lips like Angelina? ” Any pattern, even the most successful, in the plastic is not acceptable! In the lip line laid a lot of personal and removing identity easily destroy the beauty of a woman. And we have a completely different problem! Commensurate increase in the lips using gels of hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Teosial) actually makes them possessor sexier and younger. Contour is easy to cope with such age-related phenomena, such as thinning of the lips and the effect of the “baked apple”. To look natural and aesthetically pleasing, full lips should not exceed half the width of the upper lip. It is very important with an increase in lip contour gel filler not enter outside the red border. The slightest way beyond the norm leads to cheap and vulgar form. Dear ladies, be careful with lip augmentation! Over time, nasolabial folds, nasolabial folds deepen all that visually makes us older. Using the same gel for contouring (Restylane, and Sudzhiderm Teosial) may smooth the ugly wrinkles and make your smile more youthful. It is important not to overdo it! Complete destruction of the NLF is prohibited, they delimit the area of cheeks and lips. The facial skin Young (and so beautiful) We make leather. Therefore, all by the need to protect it from premature aging. This is especially true in the summer. Course plazmoliftinga – platelet-rich plasma injections, will help your skin cope with the impact of aggressive sun, enhance tissue regeneration and production of collagen. Bottom line: you’ll look younger. Ideally, if you take care of your skin before and after the trip to the sea.