It’s no secret that we all want in our lives a certain stability. Stability of the whole: in health (to constantly, throughout life, it was consistently good) wage (so it was constantly and consistently increased). And examples of such “stability” can cause a great many, because human life is multifaceted. But if we take a sheet of paper, draw a graph there’s such a designation, and accents of time and money, and then look at it, we’ll see what turns out to be no stability in our lives there. At age 23, began to work, then something happened (we were fired, we were laid off, close down, yet that is) and so on. Finally, in earnest, adulthood, found a good job, incomes started to rise, settles in, acquire wealth and dream, what would our lives have always been so.

And you want, really want, at a certain age, remain at the current level of income. After a lifetime working on his rise, tried to do everything possible to achieve good quality of life – an apartment with furniture, car, vacation home and a lot of things that can be attributed to material goods. Yes and no tools are needed to support small-Health, which spent throughout the work. To the resort would not hurt to take a trip once a year, and, preferably abroad, with good service and the warm sea. Pamper yourself, a loved one, a good rest, sun, care and treatment of all earned sores that would not have manifested themselves, did not reach what would then feel the full year vigorous and healthy. What would grandchildren indulge in, without looking at the purse and not counting the latest meloch.Kak there to do this? Imagine a man in 23 years.

On retirement he will go in 60 years. Hence, its active period of life – 37 years. He has a personal financial plan and he started to save themselves for the future of 2000 rubles. per month. For a year he personally amassed 24 000 rub. For 37 years – 888 000 rubles. Samsung Electronics is a great source of information. Now get ready: given the interest and capitalized on it the amount of capital will amount to 6201 USD 022.74. Annuity with this capital – 310 051.14 rubles. The monthly life annuity – 25 837.59 rubles. And it’s not all: he, after his departure from life, leaving an inheritance of $ 022.74 USD 6201.! Why? Accumulated capital is not reduced by properly counted rent rates. In all, some 2000 rubles. per month over the working life! A calculation with a competent financial expert to help him by creating a personal financial plan. And, interestingly, the amount deferred will not play any negative role in the family budget with the right approach to it.