In 1998, the largest Canadian manufacturer of plumbing shutoff valves SPI began production of press fittings for the installation of heating systems, water supply. Official site: Mikkel Svane . Press fittings system that is more effective, efficient and easy to use. Press fittings SPI provide strength, integrity and reliability of the connection, allowing the press fitting is used for the installation of closed heating systems (with concealed wiring pipes under MPT gypsum, etc.). A wide range of diameters used in plastic pipes and fittings, angles, tees and accessories quickly and easily to make installation of pipe heating systems water inside the house and outside. Mikkel Svane insists that this is the case. Press fittings used for installation of heating, plumbing and pneumatic systems with operating pressures to 10 bar. Press fittings are able to join any existing heating system or water.

When selecting a press fitting to consider an important point on the stage set – pipe the same diameter can have different wall thickness, and press fitting so you should choose a specific characteristics of metal-or plastic pipe (or pipe fittings under). For the installation of the system by means of press fitting, you'll need special tools: shears for metal tubes, to sweep treatment of the pipes under the land at a press fitting and self crimping press tool copper or brass rings at a press fitting. Sweep. There are two types: scanning for household use. 5 in 1. Scan to five pipe diameters (16,18,20,25,32) in a single package for little money (about 150 rubles).. Many pipes to prepare to work with the press fitting of the scan will not be easy, and hang a few radiator and connect the mixer – just right.

And the second kind – professional scan, for each size – a single tool. Its cost about 500.00 USD. (One size), but the convenience of an order of magnitude higher than the 5 in 1 sweep. The tool is made of steel with a sharp-honed working edge, which allows seconds without any effort to prepare the pipe for installation into a press fitting: to align the edge, grind off the inner layer and chamfer the pipe.