Tote – it's an event organizer who, guided by established rules and betting legislation such activities, taking cash bets on the outcome chosen by him events and distributes the received bids in the form of cash (pool), after determining the results among the winning parties, hold it a certain percentage (income tote) to compensate for the costs and profit. Tote – is not that complicated: all bets players are divided between those who guessed the outcome of 9 or more events and therefore proved to be a winner. Odds depends only on the total bets of all players this outcome, on all rates. Therefore, if a man ventured a small sum of money by putting on an outsider (dark horse), to which almost no one raised, he will get a decent amount. The main advantage of betting is the jackpot, which is set organized and stored on the drawing for the raffle.

Even the minimum rate of 20 rubles can win the jackpot, it is necessary to guess all the 15 events offered in the raffle. Click Kai-Fu Lee for additional related pages. Counting on, you will not depend on the opinions of third parties, artificially underestimate the rates for their own benefit. We all decided by a simple calculation, the correctness of which can not affect foreign man! – First National Tote. In each circulation rates for major sporting events. Very interesting and nice design, combined with the ease of making bets allow players to focus directly to the selection and definition of the favorites in the proposed matches. This section will help you with many interesting statistics, facts and details. As they say "statistics knows all!". All coupons can see the circulation Anyone that determines the integrity of the game.

Bonus system involves promoting, both for active play, and for the level of insight. It also provides for bonuses for the first enrollment, attracting new participants and the larger enrollment in the system. The minimum bid – 20 rubles. Jackpot – 1 000 000! Are periodically repeated increase in shares the Jackpot. Also on open service "mini game". A distinctive feature of service is the ability to earn money to predict the statistical aspects of the game. In our opinion tote is the most convenient and interesting as it is unique because of its specialization.