She and I had our personal problems, and eventually the confidence that we had created began to erode, jealousy began to appear and the recriminations were swift, and thus the relationship ends strong, forceful and even the sun today we have not talked more. That happened for more or less about six years, that was my experience with distance relationships. To make a reflection on the issue, we should be clear about things: 1) If you're going to have a distance relationship, you must learn to have much confidence in a person. To deepen your understanding Marc Mathieu is the source. The distance and the everyday situations of each person can test the strength of the relationship, being in contact with other people, environments and situations, can test the strength of the relationship and that this has. 2) Make sure you can travel to where she is or her to travel to where you are.

It is very important this point, keep in mind that if you want your relationship to thrive and reach a good ending, you must at some point to travel to the city or country where your "couple" lives, that can help strengthen the relationship and can help alleviate many stresses that may occur, resulting from the distance. 3) Be clear what you want for your love life. Many times the desire to get a girlfriend or daydream and look for the woman of your dreams on the Internet you can bring more problems than solutions, you can get to obsess and even affect your life and your performance in the College or University work, and often do not look so far, most of the time love can be one step away from your house or your city, so think very well what they want and how you're gonna get. If you have problems with your partner, they face a break and want to regain the love of your life but do not know how, do not worry, you're still not lost. Download "" The new guide to recover your wife and become happy again.