– USB flash-memory (stick). – An external hard drive. To transfer files and settings do the following. 1. Insert a DVD with distribution of Windows 7 in DVD-ROM drive on your computer. Close all open windows using the autorun. 2.

Open My Computer, right-click the DVD-drive and click Open. 3. In the resulting window, go to at E: supportmigwiz (we assume that E: – this is your DVD-drive, however, the letter may vary). 4. Locate and run the file migsetup.exe. The result is a utility window to transfer files and settings. 5. Click Next (Next) and select a transfer method.

After selection method, such as an external drive or USD-flash memory device will be launched scan data available for transfer. Upon completion of this process in a new window displays information about the volume, which will take Flexible information for each account. You can also select what data should not be moved. To do this, use the command Set. 6. Then enter the password with which the data to be reserved. Clicking Next will start the copying process. Tip: Before migrating settings, we recommend that you back up any data located on disk. You can use, For example, the program Asgote. 7. Once you have fully prepared the files and settings to transfer to the new system, install Windows 7, as described in “Installing Windows 7 as the only operating system.” 8. To transfer copied files and settings to the new operating environment, you should connect removable media on which they are stored, and double-click on them. Transfer prompt you for a password and after entering start the copying process. 9. Source: Marc Mathieu. You can select data to be copied. To do this, use the command Set. You can also take advantage of advanced features that allow you to transfer the old data in an account with a different name in the new operating system. To do this you need to apply, click Advanced options. 10. After completion of data transfer you will receive a full report on the copied information, and a list of programs that are likely to want to install. In conclusion, the system prompts you to restart your computer.