It should be borne in mind that the place fixing the profile should be located no farther than 600 mm from the center. Then gently until the solution is frozen, with the help of a level (spirit level) is governed by the angle of plaster square, checked its verticality. When the square has been completely installed, the excess solution is removed spatula. However, you can put an extra layer of mortar to level the thickness of the plaster on the entire wall. If the plaster is properly installed square, at the edge of the angle of vision of his corner ledge. On average, a small room should be 5-6 meters of the profile. In case of significant irregularities angle allowed consolidation of the plaster Profile nails or screws. However, it should be noted that the mounting must not stretch knee, and just hold it.

In such cases it is necessary to use high-quality stainless steel fasteners to avoid the appearance of the wall surface rust spots. Note also that the use of reinforcing mesh to strengthen the plaster to bind her to the edge of the plaster square stainless steel wire. This will significantly increase the solidity of the whole structure and, again, will keep the walls from rust. After solidification of the solution nails together with cords removed. Now you can start plastering the walls.

Work is done in some areas: wall mezhdunapravlyayuschimi applied a layer of plaster, and then aligned with the rule of appropriate size. In the future, if necessary, or overwritten by a wall causing her decorative coating. As you can see, it's pretty simple. But in the end look plastered walls excellent. For all that, for example, for a small room area of 12 square meters of plaster need only a dozen sections. On the brick walls is possible to apply the plaster with a reinforcing steel mesh that is nailed fasteners 'quick assembly' dressed with washers. On plaster and concrete walls before plastering is applied to 'comb' adhesive stamps 'ceresit', which is firmly attached to the base and secure keeps a layer of plaster. Usually consistently applied several layers of solution, with each successive layer is preferably applied to the not yet dried up, but already beginning to harden the previous layer. In this case, a maximum strength and durability of plaster. If you want poshtukaturit wooden wall, then its pre-obbivayut shingles or chicken wire. In the wall covering of shingles to the walls Dranitsa nailed a 5-10 mm thickness and 20-25 mm wide. Wall cladding of shingles is a two-layer crosswise. When lining the walls with chicken wire mesh is used with holes about 1 cm in diameter and hang it on hooks that should be located at a distance of about 25 inches apart. Before you apply the first coat of stucco spray grid with cement mortar. This procedure protects the grid from rusting. Repair of apartments in Kharkov