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Thanks for working with Wikipedia. We welcome you to the project, Motorola but there is a problem with your collaboration in Article cell phones Checa (Spain), which consisted of literal copying of the content of other web HTC sites or other media that are protected by T-Mobile copyright. As explained in Wikipedia: Copyrights, such contributions are not acceptable, because they involve a violation of the cellular phones copyright thereto. For that reason, the text has been withdrawn.
You should know that TMobile according to the , which regulates intellectual property at the international level, all works Samsung are protected and the authors retain all reproduction rights unless otherwise specified clearly and explicitly. Even if the page mobile phones from which free phones you copied the text does notindicate that all wireless providers rights are reserved LG does not cell phones mean T-Mobile they are available for use on Wikipedia.
In order to accept material in Wikipedia is required that the license under which are published in these pages is compatible with the GFDL, which TMobile is in the Wikipedia which is published and that candy bar phone requires the right to copy, modify and market their content without restriction Additional (for example, that restricts the use or non-obligatory quote the original author in the text).
If a page does cellular coverage not indicate that the cellular phones license is available, you can request permission to site owners to play their content through the standard application on Wikipedia: Permissions. If you are yourself the author of the text, Nokia sends the relevant authorization from the address associated with the webmaster of the site, as explained in the link above.
Remember that the policy on copyright is negotiable, while others may be willing to break plans the law, the responsibility of the Wikipedia project is too big to afford. For more information on the rules, go to Wikipedia: Policies. Zeta / query 02:45 4 November 2007 (CET)
Hey, no need to apologize to you, all that we were wrong on the wiki from time to time, the source of the problem is that wireless phones it expressly protected, you can use their data and develop from there but the slider phone article may not copy fragments Web. If needed, I can spend the contents of the article deleted. un saludo ) ‘ Zeta cellular phone plans / query 02:57 4 November 2007 (CET)