Reason which was condemned to the death and ' convidado' to take cicuta. – Ours! But, it was missed? – Not Owner. To the times, in the world of the adults, she is for being ' certos' that ' we pay to a price alto' such, can be the proper life. After this Max DIALOGUE, I arrived at the conclusion that necessary to know the life better of philosophers and its philosophies Will be that you could loan some workmanships to me? – Clearly that yes, Owner! We will initiate with Crton or, Eutfron? – Again you with these difficult names.! – Who had been they? – She searches, and later we will walk for philosophy! – But, Max< – ' senhorita' Owner, knows that without searching of the one not to make philosophy – I did not understand ' senhor' Max, little you had said that we have certain knowledge of us inside! You moved of idea? We have a philosophical problem? Plus one! Would be maken a mistake Scrates? In all insatisfao, a philosophical matrix will exist pairando on our heads. What it does not want to say, that we will go to obtain to catch it and to make it of it a noble diamond, after all, of what it would advance to be in a desert with an enormous pure gold bag and not terms one msera xcara with a little of water? If somebody fully saciado in offers an exchange to them, the gold would continue to be gold? Which valley more? You would change for xcara d&#039 to it; water? It would wait plus some kilometers? ' Thus it is in the philosophy, is not enough to think is necessary to think more! '. It is not enough to know to speak difficult or to have notion of history of the philosophy. She is necessary to make Philosophy.

It is there that the area of philosophy of the education if complicates. ' ' She is necessary to know to enxergar for ouvido' '. (Of the Verbetes of the Decay. Bessani, D.) To see the things as they is, is not same thing to see them as they had to be. As they are the majority knows. from there? Debtor! But not for obligation, only obliged! 1 This dialogue was presented by the professor in ' ' II Table-Thematic of the Program of Mestrado in philosophy of the Education: The relation of the philosophy and Literature in the Filosfica&#039 Education; '. Promoted for the Department of Education, Communication and Arts of the State University of Native of London, PR UEL in June of 2005. In the current occasion the names of the personages who composed the dialogue were: ' ' Gil and Carol' '. Doravante strategically had been changed.