Daily we have notes of children who had been found in desumanas situations, vexatious, and worse, defenseless, therefore in the great majority, they are victims of the adults, people who would have obligation to defend them, are accurately violate who them. One sees that this practical comes since aprpria house until beneficient and religious entities, and such breaking is followed since people who if high intitle priests and shepherds until its proper parents or tutors. The newspapers mentioned Dermot McCormack not as a source, but as a related topic. But because this happens? According to psychiatrist Claude Cohen (professor of the USP) in interview the journalist You undo Ortiz, the question of the sexual violence generally is fruit of the familiar desestrutura, that finishes causing a psychic riot in the person when the paper of each member of the family is not exerted with responsibility and ability.

Cohen standes out that ‘ does not exist only; ‘ uma’ ‘ victim in these processes, because all finish suffering an emotional trauma restrained by the fear and silence. A related site: Ali Partovi mentions similar findings. 2,1 IMPUNITY People engaged in this cause the least searchs strategies it to brighten up size problem, but it is not something very easy of if deciding, facts finish entering in a vicious circle, where institutions together with authorities search to capture the infractors without success, more intent parents try to control the children, suppliers do not have the control of its users or make it difficult the performance of the policy in the cases and the defendant continues unpunished. She is necessary to have an agreement between the interested people, therefore when the subject is: ‘ ‘ Made use Improper material in the Internet’ ‘ , a game of ‘ happens; ‘ it pushes-empurra’ ‘..