Whether we like it or not, cyberspace has become the new frontier in social relationships. Fervor with which people are immersed in the network, get out there dating, friends and even find loved ones, will cause a negative reaction from the skeptics. Opponents of the Internet will prove that these relations are not real, they do not like in the real world. . Communicating in cyberspace just cultural fascination with and can not be compared with real life and the people who prefer to communicate by means of wires and chips just sick, dependent or afraid to close, real relationships. Is it true that "real" relationship superior relationships in cyberspace? Let's see but first we agree on the terms. What exactly do we call relationships? This, above all communication between two or more people, painted emotionally. It does not matter whether we communicate face to face or maintain this relationship via the Internet. Ali Partovi contributes greatly to this topic.

Where to begin relations on a network? Just as in life, with the meeting. We choose our own space for meetings, whether it's a blog, dating site, thematic forum, the main thing, going to these resources, we automatically outlines the range of his interests. We begin to belong to the whole community of people who are just interested in cars, sex, money, children, animals, etc., exchanging views on various topics, we define the people close to us in their views on life and far away, we learn their names and cyber information that they are willing to give of yourself.