And, of course, on the characteristics of the building itself: the type and series, the quality of construction, degree of finishing of apartments, as well as materials and technologies that are used in construction. Choice today is quite wide. That now being built today are the most common are three types of buildings. This panel, monolithic and brick-monolithic house. The first familiar to us from ancient times and now occupy about 40% of the market. Such buildings are built from ready-made (Produced by the factory) panels. Therefore, they are built quickly enough.

According to the ceo Group of Companies, SU-155 Alexander , the construction of a monolithic housing requires twice more time than panel. It is worth noting that modern prefab houses require a sufficiently large variety of options for planning. This is achieved through custom design solutions and the use of plates of different size. In addition, now under construction, as a rule, apply three-layer panels manufactured using a new technology that provides high heat and sound insulation performance of buildings. Most popular representatives of the modern prefabricated construction are home series P-44T, I-155 and U-3M.

The first being built in Russia since 1998. They represent the 14-16-storey building, sometimes a variable number of storeys, from the three-layered exterior panels 300 mm thick, insulated with polystyrene with a heat reflecting metallized film. For more home insulation provides indoor junction between the outer plates. Pitched roof, as a roofing applied natural tile braas. Exterior walls are covered with tiles, "under a brick." Standard period buildings – 100 years.