For ease of understanding this process can be represented by a person, consisting of points, which is quite easy to draw even on paper. Imagine that a person, consisting of dots, moving, and all of its terms, not only do not move randomly, but they not even the slightest gap in traffic. What it might say? This can only talk about what the process is strictly monitored and controlled. But what can be controlled by a process consisting of molecules and atoms? You can, for example, assume that the molecules and atoms acts some magnetic field. This process is easily compared with cathode-ray tube (CRT).

Strictly ordered motion of electrons due to the magnets crt eventually create the image on the monitor screen. Magnets crt is also controlled by programmed electric current, otherwise the screen we see only a chaotic points are shown. It turns out that all the electrons, atoms and other tiny particles moving in our world is chaotic, and quite deliberately, they are managed and controlled. And a good understanding and presenting the process, you can immediately and very easily put an end to Darwin's theory, as well as at other theories of the emergence and development of our material world. But if the molecules and atoms are manageable, which means they someone or something controlled. After all, can not be the same on a computer monitor displays a computer game independently, without human intervention, nor can it appear on their own even the most basic image.