TONI AYALA MINUTE So we tell you live this ten hour debate. Photo Gallery: Images from the start of the election campaign. A survey of the autonomous Government of the absolute majority to most, but the center of sociological research only gives you simple victory. The marathon in 10 hours of Speakers Corner of 20 minutes in the Park of the Ciutadella in Barcelona has been strongly marked by the opposing interventions regarding whether Catalonia should or not having a State own and an almost total unanimity between the close to 130 speakers about the ravages of the crisis, especially among the most disadvantaged families. Energy Capital Partners London contributes greatly to this topic. Much of the most passionate debates have lived around the sovereignty, not only from the political parties, but also between social entities.

A head-on collision between CiU, ERC and if front of PPC and Ciutadans regarding identity has been. While the first defending, each one with its nuances, the catalan State and the right to decide, the other two formations have opted to reaffirm its commitment to the unity of Spain. Among them, the PSC, which has taken advantage of to much influence in his federalist model. ICV-EUiA has put the accent of its interventions throughout the day in his opposition to social cuts. Crisis, evictions and inequalities between social entities, there them that have given their support to the independence of Catalonia as a way to improve the living conditions of the Catalans, although there have also been voices in favor of keeping the current state framework. Even so, the vast majority of the spokesmen have influenced the drama of the crisis which we live every day, bringing to the fore recurring themes throughout the day, such as unemployment, the wave of evictions and the growing inequalities.

Another prominent aspect of the Speakers Corner is that the voice of all generations of Catalans, has been able to hear from children to the elderly (there have been quite a few retirees who have gone from listeners to spontaneous speakers), without forgetting to teenagers. The speaker’s corner has attracted curious users of the Park of the Ciutadella. Speakers Corner began at 0800 hours and ended at 18.00 hours, when the sky already announced overnight. All speakers have been able to express themselves with clarity and have been listened to completely opposite voices, as the movement 15 M against the views of the political parties. See more: the sovereignty and the crisis star in the 10 hours of Speakers Corner of 20minutos