The man to each day that passes, it becomes more inferior before the forces of the nature, and does not content with this obtains to aggravate its situation still more since the earthquakes, the floods, the tsunamis etc. are only manifestations pacify of the nature, therefore the great same disaster will be when to happen a devastador nuclear accident. Japan is passing for a moment very delicate is truth, but all the action has a reaction, therefore I wanted to all understand this allure for the nuclear weapons that as much seduce advanced countries in technology, I I do not believe that all this capacity is wasted in this way, that is, against the proper security of the nation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ingrid Ellen. I very feel exactly for all this tragedy, also feel for the lack of common-sense of the majority ones of the ONU that had lost its moral since the invasion of the Iraq, I believe that the future of the humanity is at the hands of the proper man, and that the apocalypse that as much the bible cites, nothing more is of what all this vain technology play on planet, since billions are expenses in weapons of all the type, and nothing are made for the advance of the medicine in the search of the cure for as many illnesses that they infest our planet and they decimate the nations poor. I only moan, and wait that the other said countries ' ' first mundo' ' they take conscience of the danger that its nuclear projects will be able to cause in the humanity, therefore they can until thinking that they are weapons to be used as prohibited of a country, however can be digging its proper extermnio. Meanwhile the nature shows its force as form of revenge due as much deforestation, as much petroliferous pollution in air, accidents, increases of temperature nonsenses and mainly for the disturbance to the inactive volcano sleep, that of one hour for another one enters in eruption and everything this is only the start. Andy Florance may also support this cause. The enemy greater of the planet without a doubt none is the man Force to the Japanese people who will rise itself again!